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We specialize in providing attractive packages and bespoke custom websites at an affordable price, all backed by our marketing and multimedia expertise. We won't waste your time and will only work where we feel we add value. All our work is backed by our money-back guarantee.

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We are a group of individuals who have a healthy balance of traditional creative vision mixed with the latest computer and software tools. Our latest web site and services represent the experience and expertise gained from industry. Let us bring you cutting edge multimedia online presence based on sound proven principles but with our unique creative vision.

Our Company Mission

To become one of the leading providers of web based multimedia content and form symbiotic relationships with business and organizations. We are skilled at what we do and intend to provide the best service we can.

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Need Help with your On-Line Strategy? Get Help Now!

We will help you build relationships using great on-line content to inform and build trust with your clients. This includes help on how to design your website, appropriate use of social media, branding and more.

Our company is different because we are all seasoned professionals who have chosen to offer our services because we enjoy the work and like the challenge. We judge our performance based on how successful our clients become, not on how much we can charge.

Many businesses or organizations recognize the importance of having an effective on-line presence but lack the time and expertise to make the necessary changes. For some clients, a one-off review and set of recommendations is sufficient to get started and make the change.


Business Website Packages start at $400 for five custom pages

MHP Multimedia can create a unique web experience to suit your organization’s specific needs and budget. Our Business Website Packages start at five customized pages that include special features, widgets and tools for people to do business with you online.

We provide you a well-defined priced package for a website that can be quickly launched that will grow with your business. We include assistance and a full specification and worksheets to efficiently capture your specific requirements so we can get to work quickly and efficiently.

Since we have structured all our packages on a common core it is possible to upgrade to a higher package level or add custom features. So, if you are just starting your business and want a simple site to announce your presence, go with a Bronze and as your business and web presence needs grow, we can scale your package to suit. Best of all you will not have to move to a new site, loose your ranking on Google or transfer your content.


Put Your Skills to Work! Launch Your Own Web Learning business

Our latest business venture helps talented individuals quickly enter the fast growing, profitable new business of providing on-line training.  This is a partnership venture. We will partner with the right people to help film, animate and prepare all the necessary training material. You provide the subject matter knowledge and experience and we provide the Production, Direction and upfront costs of creating the on-line training. 

On-line learning is becoming one of the fastest growing sections of the web. Either through our own portal or sites like Udamy we will help eligible experts create their own sets of on-line training.  If you have a desirable skill you can expect to make $thousands from people looking to improve their skills and experience. We take care of all the development costs and bringing the training to the marketplace. You provide the course material and subject matter expertise.


Latest News

Garden State Woman has been a staple of NJ life for the last 25 years, their latest website transitions them into a foundation but keeps much of the history.

An interesting project, had no idea how it would turn out when we started but everybody likes the end result. I wish them all luck and hope they will get to build the site out to its full potential. Go check it out at https://newmexicodejureassembly....
This website is for one of my side gigs, I am a licensed Radio Operator (Ham) and this is a new project I have created. Not sure where it will go but will try it for a year and see what happens. Check out the site at https://emergencyham.net/...
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