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On Line Learning Partnership

Put Your Skills to Work! Launch Your Own Web Learning business

Our latest business venture helps talented individuals quickly enter the fast growing, profitable new business of providing on-line training.  This is a partnership venture. We will partner with the right people to help film, animate and prepare all the necessary training material. You provide the subject matter knowledge and experience and we provide the Production, Direction and upfront costs of creating the on-line training. 

On-line learning is becoming one of the fastest growing sections of the web. Either through our own portal or sites like Udamy we will help eligible experts create their own sets of on-line training.  If you have a desirable skill you can expect to make $thousands from people looking to improve their skills and experience. We take care of all the development costs and bringing the training to the marketplace. You provide the course material and subject matter expertise.

This is a revenue share business, typically you take 80% of the revenue and we keep the rest. Obviously we do not make any money unless you do and so we take care to pick experts and subjects that have a plausible business case.                            

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