children-pictureOur experience photographing children with their parents has always been fun. They seem to love showing off and getting their picture taken. We include a couple of examples of our work here in order to establish our personal style which uses a combination of good sound photography mixed with some innovative poses and post-production.

male_headhotA head shot is a photographic technique where the focus of the Photograph is a person's face. A head shot is essentially the same as portrait but is just the head which should portray some aspect of their character or their essence. They are frequently used for identification, used to promote business and position and have a special place in the modeling industry.  As a form of identification, a head shot is a front-on (facing straight at the camera) photograph, with the face being the center of the picture and containing minimal or no surroundings.

kimAccording to Wikipedia “Portrait photography (also known as portraiture) is the capture by means of photography of the likeness of a person or a small group of people, in which the face and its expression is predominant. The objective is to display the likeness, personality, and even the mood of the person. Like other types of portraiture, the focus of the photograph is the person's face, although the entire body and the background may be included. A portrait is generally not a snapshot, but a composed image of a person in a still position. A portrait often shows a person looking directly at the camera.

choc-fountainImages are an integral part of our society, they influence the way we think about things and of course what we buy. So one of the most important parts of any product marketing is how to best advertise and promote products. Since photography is such an important means of communication, it is no surprise that when it comes to selling products and communicating corporate ideologies, we utilize photographic imagery for its ability to communicate and inspire.

group_promoIf you are trying to communicate to a current or perspective client then good self-promotion is a must. We specialize in creating photographic based images to promote you or your event. We will discuss and work with you to understand your business idea or event then produce a plan. Typically this will require some custom photography followed by the use of stock images and post production graphic design. We are confident we can create promotional material consistent with your brand identity which will gain your clients attention.

alian-party-costume Most parties are intended to be fun, so help make them special by having a professional photographer there to record the festivities and create that perfect gift. We will work with you to create a special event. We often become part of the party theme by photographing your guests as they arrive and then creating a animated slide show for you and your guests to view during a later stage of the party.

four_chinese-ladies We have been chosen to cover many events in New Jersey, they range from corporate dinners through to Baptism Services and Parties. Our business philosophy is simple: Listen carefully to our clients needs, and produce consistent, high-quality results. We specialize in mixing digital photography with video to create a meaningful multimedia presentation. We offer a mix of final formats from fully authored cataloged boxed DVD sets through to simple downloads on YouTube.

shop_wideviewThe landscape for sourcing commercial photography has changed dramatically since the wide availability of stock image catalogs. Almost all businesses can get the images they need for many advertising or documentation uses. Fortunately for us there are still some occasions where a professional photographer is needed. Although much of our work is commercial because we charge for our services, this section covers specific types of photography which appeals to business who have occasional needs for a local professional photographer.

collection_negativesPhotographs are often the only physical remains of some of our fondest memories. Like memories, not all our precious photographs are in good condition and looking fresh. We have extensive experience scanning and restoring images. With a combination of good scanning hardware and post production software we can get good results from poor negatives or slides. It is a fact that because of the dyes used and incomplete washing many of the pictures and slides produced in the 60's and 70’s have started to fade and deteriorate. Act now and they can saved and restored to their original quality and archived to new prints or disk. Contact us for prices and further details All photo restoration and retouching work is done to a digital scanned image of your photograph. We carefully handle your original image by had to avoid causing more damage or contaminating it. Under extreme circumstances, with your explicit permission we may suggest cleaning the image using a chemical wash, if this is the case we will trial a sample first and proceed with caution after scanning the original to preserve a reproduction.

guy-removing-shirtAs an artist, Fine Art photography is my place to create images for myself. My sweet spot is Black and White Portrait Photography and over the years I have been involved in making many fine pieces of art. My original mentor inspired me to create many male portrait pictures in his style and recently I have been experimenting on my projects. From time to time we offer these images for sale as limited edition prints. I also will pay models for their hard work and commitment to my projects.

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