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Promoting your business through Social Media is now seen as a critical part of Search Engine Optimization. This is because it can rapidly connect with lots of people so has the potential to increase the number of people knowing about you and connecting them with your business. It also allows you to reach out to your customers on a more personal level. The key is facilitating trusted personal interaction by allowing open feedback and comments within the Social Media environment. Therefor it will only work well if your business is something people want to share in an open social environment. In part this has led to a growth in specialist Social Media outlets because a business that could well socialize on Facebook may not be so successful on LinkedIn. Some businesses may be so specialist or personal that Social Media is not for them.
We will explore the potential of Social Media in your business and if appropriate will help you setup, build and operate your sites. We will also offer technical solutions that will automatically push content to Social Media as well as take its content to help promote your website.

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