Using Google

Google is a powerful influence and a big provider of web services. They provide a wealth of tools to support and monitor your website. These range from tools that track your visitors to services like GooglePlus which provide you a free business listing and rating service. Even better news, these tools are totally free.

Website Tools

These website tools provide you with the data you need to make smart business decisions about your website. With the right tools and reports you can quickly see what is working and what needs attention. When used with marketing campaigns good website analysis will ensure you get the maximum benefit from your investment. This analysis does not just cover your website but should extend into all your web presence including social media, customer surveys and all information affecting how people perceive your business.

The most popular free tool is Google Analytics, it is now the most widely used web analytics service on the Internet. The information provided includes data on how many people visit the site, what they look at, where they came from and how long they stay on the site. It also includes measurements on the sites performance such as page load times. You can use this data to understand where visitors find your website, what interests them and where they leave. It is also a great tool for tracking how effective your marketing is and if your website is growing. Although the tool is free it does require some knowledge and website access to enable. So that only the site owner can track their website it is necessary to install a small piece of code into the website. This is often known as the Google Tracking Code and its inclusion is normally done by the webmaster. This code is provided for free by Google when you register the site.

Google also offers a set of Webmaster Tools. These link to the tracking code and offer monitoring of a websites heath and performance. This tool is the best way to get communications from Google about the health of your website. They will constantly monitor the site for speed, malicious activity and broken links. This tool also allows you to tell Google about your website including that you have recovered from a hack or outage and need to be re-indexed.

Google Plus and related services

Originally launched in 2011 as a social media service like Facebook, Google Plus has matured and was re-launched in November 2015 to be a layer joining many of the Google services. For most businesses, there are important Google services that can be managed from a Google Plus account. The Google My Business service provides a promo placement on the first page of Google when your business name is searched (assuming you have a unique business name). This promotional piece will link your website, any reviews and photographs. It is a vital feature to claim and manage. The information is also linked to the Google Search and Google Maps allowing you to manage what people see when they find your listings. Google will likely populate much of the Google My Business data from information it finds about your business but you will get much better exposure by claiming your business listing and managing it.

The Google Plus site can still be used to post your latest news and events. Regularly posting to this service can help you get on to the top pages of Google searches because Google does use these posts when relevant to a search query.


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