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On the web Multimedia is considered the use of pictures, music, sound, videos, records, films, animations, and more, basically an experience of vision and sound taken to the limits of the device being used. Up until the last 5 years the devices used and the bandwidth available had limited the multimedia experience but now it has become mainstream.
Used correctly Multimedia can improve the visitor experience and position a site apart from the competition. It follows that inappropriate or more commonly over use of Multimedia can drive visitors away. In the past, the best example of poor use was playing music as soon as somebody opens a page but now this has been overtaken by the overuse of terrible videos.
There are technical challenges using Multimedia in a web environment. For sure not all playback devices are created equally. Designing and delivering content to the wide range of devices requires a website design that is current and based on solid standards. Common problems are videos that will not play on all devices and excessive page load times because of incorrectly packaged images.
At MHP Multimedia we have the in-house skills and resources can deliver effective multimedia content.

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