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We recognize that with some businesses there is a need to create a unique look and feel or have some critical features that are not available. In these cases, we will develop the necessary functionality or "look and feel" and create a totally new and unique design for you. Yes, this costs more than the standard packages because it involves new design work, but we keep the prices as low as practicable by re-using portions of code and leveraging our extensive developer experience.

For these website, we include a full end to end process that works to define the design of the website but also ensure it fits into your business process. We also wrap a full SEO package with appropriate coaching and support consistant with the scope of the website design.

This is our highest level of website design and demonstrates our professional and personal commitment to your new business.

You will work one-on-one with our professional design team to get exactly what you want. We will deliver a completely custom website design based on your specific design vision and technical needs. This will give you:

  • A unique website design outside of our bundled packages. - this costs less than you think and give you full control over of the design.
  • Fully supported custom upgrades to our regular support so we can provide you with a fully supported website.

We are always prepared for any non-standard requests, and ready to come up with possible solutions, our team is open minded to find the best solution

While we love using a CMS based system, it’s not always capable of providing all the features needed. We listen to our client’s vision, ideas, specific marketing goals and strategize a solution. If functionality requirements extend beyond available features, we explore other, often custom-developed, solutions.

It isn’t always cost effective to reinvent the wheel. While we develop customized solutions for many clients, when appropriate, we seamlessly integrate the power of established, third-party solutions not only to cut down on development costs but also to incorporate systems that clients might already be using, such as Classy, Network for good,, Google Maps, and other popular applications.

Working with third-party tools can be a huge time saver—or a complete disaster. We have the experience to determine the most effective solution for our clients. Before jumping in, we consider the usability, performance, scalability, flexibility, and cost of the tool or API while also weighing the stability of the company behind the tool. As a result, clients receive a stable, feature-rich, website without dropping the time and money into a custom-developed solution.

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