We have perfected delivering effective web marketing to our customers. Our websites are all designed to be quickly maintained and work effectively for all your visitors. Our ongoing support will ensure you get the right amount of help to keep your website and marketing effective and delivering on its investment.

Key Steps

  • We start by providing you a free hour of consultancy during which we go through your needs and determine how we can help.
  • You then get a written proposal detailing what we recommend for your business details how much it costs and offers and related options.
  • Over the next few days we will then work with you to create your new website which you can see and use through your own temporary web address
  • You get to decide if our work meets your need, then the money back guarantee ends and we publish your new website on its new home.
  • Ongoing Support is not required, but we have packages to ensure you can keep your site effective and fresh.

Why Select a package?

Our web site packages include all aspects of conducting your business on the web. Starting with a professional, crisp interface design and incorporating full content management capabilities and application development.

Our packages are intended to provide you a well-defined priced package which can be quickly launched. They include a full specification and worksheets so we can efficiently capture your specific requirements and get to work. Since we have structured all our packages on Joomla it is possible to upgrade to a higher package level or add custom features.

We don't stop at web development, we also can support your web presence with Logo Design, Custom Application Development and creating Multimedia content for your site.

Bronze Package

Our bronze web site package is a basic starter package suitable for an individual or small business. You can choose from four basic formats all include a logo, introductory text and single one level menu linking to up to five pages. Limited user administration is available for the editing the main text areas giving you the ability to change any articles or add more to an existing category.

This site is ideal if you just want a simple web presence which is capable of being easily updated. In the example, this business is about to move to a new location so there was no value investing in a big site.

Package Price $400 - $900+

Silver Package

Our silver web site packages are ideal for small businesses and independent consultants who need a web presence. Sites have a home page with a logo incorporate an active menu with optional drop down sub-menus and up to six types of page (unlimited pages), they also include a contact us page supporting up to three types of contacts as well as a links page for promoting related business. These sites are sufficient to contain all the important information your customers should know about your business. Through an administrator feature you can edit any of the text on the site and add new articles, pictures or videos but cannot change menu titles or navigation.

Package Price $1,500 - $5,000+

Gold Package

Our gold web site package is designed for the more demanding business it has full administrator access and extended functionality. It includes one additional specialist function such as e-mail newsletter, photo album or blog section. With full administrator control of: menu titles/navigation it supports any number of pages. We also include three hours of hands on training at your workplace so your support staff can maintain the site in-house. To help you develop and try new ideas this package includes the creation of a mirror site that can be used for testing.

Package Price $2,500 - $15,000+

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