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MHP Multimedia offer several hosting solutions depending on your websites’ needs. From shared hosting packages to dedicated servers, we will consult with you to determine the bandwidth, database needs, and email server requirements you need for your online presence.

Website hosting normally refers to the process of running your website code on a server connected to the web and often includes services such as e-mail, anti-hack / malware protection and monitoring. Hosting has become a commodity with many companies competing to provide their services from the cloud. Consequently, prices vary greatly and it is difficult to compare plans in a meaningful way. MHP Multimedia has collaborated with Site Ground who is one of the biggest independent hosting providers. We chose them because of their sustained site speed / performance, security and hack protection and support.

We are happy to host websites we support on our own dedicated servers managed by Site Ground, is a cost effective and convenient way to bundle your website hosting with our support packages. You only have one payment to make and we will deal with any issues related to your websites support.

Alternatively, we can recommend the best plan from Site Ground and help sign you up for your own hosting contract. This gives you additional independence and responsibility for paying your own account.

If you are already using another hosting service we will still be happy to help you manage your websites but we know from experience some of the well-known hosting companies do not do a great job of servicing and supporting websites. We frequently see out of date core software, poor server speed and excessive restrictions on use.

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