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Writing Website Content

Writing and producing content for a website is a specialist skill. There are many professional writers who specialize in this type of work. Many work in conjunction with graphic designers and photographers to ensure they can offer the complete package. Now that multimedia has become the "new newsprint" the process of producing website content has broadened to include video, social media links and targeted advertizing.

If all this complexity seems overwhelming there are some standard rules that can be followed in order to produce good results for the average website owner.

  • Write in short easy to read statements, use bullets. Avoid complicated language, keep things simple
  • Write to inform your visitor, give some value whilst describing or promoting your service
  • Wherever possible use an image, graphic or video to help make your point
  • Keep in mind the key words and phrases people search for your services with, use these where possible but don't overdo it!
  • You get better results letting visitors discover things rather then being told what they want or should read so do not try to make all your points on one page but create an experience for visitors to discover.

There are many content providers out there, a new service offered by LinkedIn might be a place to start.

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