Another production from our Promotional Package. This video was shot in our studio against a green screen. It was then edited to add the virtual studio and multimedia content. The whole process took about a day, with the client fist sending their slides and discussing the production ahead of the shoot. Filming took about half a day and the editing a further half day. We then went through the final edits and production of the multimedia files until we had this great product.

We get to help upcoming entrepreneur spread the word. Our promotional; video package provides stunning results and complete production for one low price.

This video was produced in one day by the presenter coming to the studio in the morning with there slide presentation. We then filmed them presenting against a green screen. We then electronically edited the video during the afternoon to create the virtual studio and slide presentation. Sure it took a few more days to tweak the final version, but I hope you agree the results are professional and a good insight to the presenters style and message.

We think that one of the best ways to cover an event is to combine a series of semi-candid photographs into a short video. One fall we completed such a project for Garden State Equality.

We photographed using our digital SLR with a wide angle flash to balance the outdoor light. We then edited the pictures before loading them into our video editor.

We then animated the stills and merged them to form the final montage. You can see the event pictures as originals in our portfolio but we think you will agree that the video is the best way to remember this event.

Be warned it was a LGBT event and intended for mature audiences!

This event was a challenge to cover because the sponsor wanted a short snappy production that captured the feeling of the event, showed off many of the contributing vendors and would serve as a promotional plug for future years.

We took care with our filming to ensure that those not willing to be pictured were avoided, we also asked for permission on many of the close in views. Didn’t want to risk our liability insurance at this event!

Light was an issue so we opted for on-camera light for much of the filming and the sound was done through a directional microphone. We took out time editing it to one of the dance mix tracks provide by the event sponsor who was delighted with the end result.

It is not often you get a chance to film a one night performance performed on a simple set. We had the chance to film a series of short performances in a club and produced a single DVD to serve as a record of the evening and for sale to audience and friends.

We took our place within the audience and made the best we could from out position. We did get a radio link to the sound board so we could get clean audio which we added to the camera microphone to ensure we also had some of the audience reactions.

The final result required minimal editing, mainly to remove unnecessary scene changes and one place where the performer’s wireless microphone stopped working!

For the last five years we have been the official videographer for the Beacon Light Miss Gay NJ state pageant. This is a popular event lasting over four hours filmed at the Paramount Theater in Asbury Park, NJ.

Filming this event for the first time back in 2004 was perhaps the start of us becoming more involved in filming theatrical events. Since then we have recorded many productions and used this experience to develop our equipment and craw experience. We have progressed from a single camera to using three cameras including live streaming to monitors in the theater and dressing rooms.

It seems that every production has its challenges. This year because of a fault the theater had no front of house spot lights. So as you watch the trailer you will see a green line across the stage, anybody crossing this line was in the dark! You will see that even with such limited lighting and with only light from above we were able to salvage the production and produce an entertaining recording.

The final production was produced as a boxed DVD set with two DVD disks containing over three hours of material which is all indexed through chapters and interactive menus. Copies are available for sale.

We try to look at the local Craigslist most days because sometimes there are people looking for our services. One such posting wanted a videographer to record a music video for posting on YouTube. We sent a quote and waited. No our experience is that 80% of such quotes never receive a reply but in this case we were accepted and agreed a date for the shoot.

As we drove there we realized that the short e-mail exchange setting up the event did not go into much detail of what we were going to video. As you will see it turned out to be different then we imagined, no would be band or rock group but a simple classical piece.

There were challenges; it has been a long time since I had to record a classical piece mixing the feed from a piano and vocal microphone. I even had to consult the experts to see how best to balance the piano to the solo.

The lighting was anything but optimal, light was streaming through the windows which had no dark shades and there was no way we could move the grand piano! So we made the most of what we had, using one fixed camera as the long-shot and a second for the close in head-shots. We had interruptions during the recording when the gardeners started cutting the grass but did succeed in recording six separate pieces.

We spent some time in post production mixing the music and video to produce a DVD of the recital as well as the required files for upload to YouTube.

We were asked by one of our clients how much we would charge to make a short fundraising promotional video to aid in a fund raising event. Of course we would not feel comfortable charging to help a fundraiser so this was all done pro-bono!

This production had the added complexity of needing to be done in less then two days be in Spanish and have Spanish sub-titles. We arranged the time, hoped it would not rain and set about making a short interview style clip outside the food pantry. We then moved in and asked the staff to help us by explaining on film what they were all about and how people could help.

We walked away 35 minutes later with over 12 minutes of good footage which needed editing in Spanish down to out target of 3 minutes maximum. We did our best making a rough cut and then called up our bi-lingual assistant for help position the edit points within the sentences to help stitch together a short but powerful narrative.

Then we had to get the sub-titles to work and be correct. Well with a lot of help from for translations and a final QA pass we had the completed video available on the afternoon of the show.

It all worked, several hundred dollars were raised, not bad for a single Sunday evening!

This job came through the agency VODIK. They employed us as an independent contractor for their client Agent Advantage. We received a brief covering what their client wanted and then went out to film, edit and produce the final version.

We turned the list of questions and 3 minute time requirements into the completed video you see here. It did take a few edits and the draft product went between their strict QA and the client approval process but I hope you will agree the final product does the client justice as well as serve as our own testimonial.

This short promotional video was put together in a couple of days. It is to be used the Denise M. Broesler website as an introduction to her services and so serve as a promotional video.

After being awarded the job we visited Denise’s home and over the space of about three hours we crafted a story board detailing what would be said and captured all the main video footage of her speaking and the supplemental footage around her house. We were able to rehearse by playing back section on the laptop until we were both happy with the final taping.

Then back in the studio we edited the footage to produce the final narrative. This gave an indication of where we would need additional video content to make it more interesting and informative. After editing in the additional video snippets we added some of her favorite pictures went onto the web and captured some relevant screen captures. We were then ready to add some music from out royalty free collection. A final check for any distracting transitions before burning the demo copy which we sent for approval.

This final version was delivered as a full quality DVD and the common web streaming video formats.

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