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Additional features

All our Website Packages can be extended by adding additional features. Many of these features are available from the Joomla community and have been used on some of our sites. We regard these as standard features and charge one low fixed price to add them to a new site. Please browse the list of features below many can be opened to provide further information.

Personal Blog A blog-system that aims to be user-friendly and quick to use, while upholding all the features you could want out of a personal blog.
Additional Language Additional Language package: Adds support for a second language, includes full site translation of all static heading and up to ten pages of content using Google Translate and support for manual corrections. Package offers support for ongoing translation.
Banner Advertising Add a rotating banner feature that allows promo and banner advertising to appear in up to three positions on specified pages.
Calender/Events Calendar – Add and display multiple events and set automatic listing for recording events, mini-calendar with mouse over event summaries
Custom Registration Installation of account management component provides multiple account groups, custom registration details.
Event Booking It allows you to created events (both free and paid), allows registrants to register for these events (Individual or Group registration) and process payment via online payment gateways such as : PayPal, Authorize.net
Realtor Package Provides the features needed for a licensed Realtor including a link to their listing agency.
 Pop-up Sticky Message This extension allows you to easily display great looking pop-up messages for customers, members, and visitors of your website in a floating window (stays in one place on the screen). The customizable message can be anything from an invitation, to an advertisement promoting your newest product, to whatever else you need to attract customers and visitors, using plain text or HTML.
FB Template and Interface To produce a custom Template for FB that "looks" like the main website and link several components or articles to automatically update and appear inn the FB account. Includes initial setup of the account, training and all necessary graphic design.
Forms Component Add Forms component to website package, includes training and one custom form
Google Checkout Add Google Checkout to Virtuemart Shop, included $40 site license fee
Google Analytic Register and incorporate Google Analytic component into website.
Google Maps Component Add an interactive Google map to the site including one labeled location and driving details option
Live Twitter Feed Component to add a twitter account directly into the website pages.
Newsletter Component Include newsletter and mailing list option
Personal Blog Add a dedicated personal blog component that supports personal blogging and visitor comments.
Personal Pages Provide secure personal pages for multiple types of registered individual users or groups
PhotoSlide Component Add PhotoSlide Component to website package, includes custom configuration and training.
Picture Voting Component to add a voting package that allows visitors to vote on submitted pictures.
Rotating Banner Add a rotating banner feature that allows promo and banner advertising to appear in up to three positions on specified pages
RSS Reader Updated RSS feeds component that will import RSS feed items into the site database as content items and display them with full images.
Slideshow Player Incorporates a slide show into an article or as a module. Links to internal files or hosted agency like Picasa or Flicker
Social Networking Follow Me Add social network follow me buttons for sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, send visitors to your social media sites.
Tabs Component Provides multiple horizontal tabs to promote articles on the front page.
User Account Management Installation of account management component, generate custom registration e-mail and automatic registration of multiple users.
Video Server Display video media in an organized and manageable layout supports the user uploading, server-side processing and playback of large video media libraries in all popular formats.
Shopping Component Add VirtuMart Shopping component to Website Package, includes PayPal integration and training.
Visitor Comments Add a comments module which allows visitors to add comments to any article
Visitor Social Networking link Add a link into each article that allows a visitor to add a link, summery and picture into their social network

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